Brutale 014 is out


A new bomb by Bit Reactors – M.F. Stereo!


“M.F. Stereo”: A track in perfect Bit Reactors style! Frenchcore Kick and walls of guitars, supported by the awesome voice of Tempo, and the lyrics completely original! Enjoy it!


“B.M.F.”: What a bomb! With a mixture of technical, violence and badness.. this is the most brutal and fast track of the EP. The atmosphere of the break, given by the guitars, it’s so creepy!


“Everybody fucking jump”: 200 BPM that make you jump! With hybrid sounds between Hardcore and Frenchcore and a vocal rhythm you cannot stand still!


“Get fuck3d”: An experiment at 180 BPM characterized by strong melodic features and a robotic voice that will make you party!


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