Andy The Core – Kill Somebody

  • Brutale 033
  • Release date: 16 February 2017
Brutale 033 - Andy The Core - Kill Somebody

Andy the Core’s first album is finally here: eleven unreleased and completely new tracks. A shining example of his constantly evolving style. A tour inside the Brutal face of Hardcore from 180 to 205 BPM. Every track has a unique vibe, strong and emotional at the same time.
Even if it sounds so tough, you will enjoy yourself to the fullest, especially if you are keen on this unique genre.

The album includes also 4 featuring Tracks with two U.S.A. Legends like Rob Gee & Lenny Dee, one with the masked duo ‘Hallucinator’ and the last one with Meccano Twins.


  1. Andy The Core – Kill Somebody
  2. Andy The Core – Explicit Content
  3. Andy The Core & Rob Gee – HCWND
  4. Andy The Core – F4ckin Move
  5. Andy The Core – The New Dose
  6. Andy The Core – Brutal Intentions
  7. Andy The Core & Lenny Dee – Bad Manners
  8. Andy The Core – F#cktempo
  9. Andy The Core & Hallucinator – We Gonna Fight
  10. Andy The Core – Punch you down
  11. Andy The Core & Meccano Twins – Los Traficantes

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