Meccano Twins – Underworld

  • Brutale 039
  • Release date: 25 August 2017
Brutale 039 - Meccano Twins - Underworld (Official Ground Zero 2017 Anthem)

After splitting his soul into seven parts, and putting each piece of it in the album “777 – More than evil”, Meccano Twins continues his route towards darkness.
Meccano Twins filled himself with an essence of pure evilness and committed to create Ground Zero 2017 official anthem.
Darkness has filled our existence for many years. Feeding the underground. Without darkness there will be no light. No good exists without evil. The ordinary subsistence cannot flourish without us outcasts!
This track that embeds Jose’s mean style: powerful, rough, with no extra tricks and a straight pervasive rhythm, will be showcased on the 26th of August during his first 1 hour “special evil act”.


  1. Meccano Twins – Underworld

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