Underground Vandalz – Distortion

  • Brutale 040
  • Release date: 05 September 2017
Brutale 040 - Underground Vandalz - Distortion

Opss…they did it again…Underground vandalz Have come back with a track that Consacrate their artistic maturity “Husque ad finem”
The core of this music is,and will always be one,the sound distortion.
Starting from this basic concept the result in this track is surprisingly naughty and elaborate.
An absolute 2017 kick,queen of distortions, followed by a dark and mystic atmosphere as only the vandalz duo knows how to deliver.
Definitely at the leading edge of style in dynamics and speed, 200bpm of pure violence to bang on your eardrums



  1. Underground Vandalz – Distortion

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