A-Kriv – Drumcore F.Y. EP

  • Brutale 045
  • Release date: 02 November 2017
Brutale 045 - A-Kriv - Drumcore F.Y. EP

Along the road to Brutalize the Hardcore panorama, we are welcoming a brother from another mother, but with our same dark blood in his veins!

A-Kriv is releasing “Drumcore F.Y.” on Brutale. This EP is the result of deep musical and emotional connections, A-Kriv built over time with various artists.

“Drumcore” is a “state of the art” 195 bpm breakthrough, originated from the collaboration with Michael Masci, a first class drummer.

“Who we are” is the resultant of a lawful brotherhood with Andy The Core: an hip hop break prepares the listeners for the bass explosion!

“Double take” deserves the title as the fastest and “frenchest” track of the EP.

A-Kriv decided to team up only with the artist with which he has a really good human synergy and “Negative”, made with the Spanish talent “eDUB”, is no exception.

A-Kriv is an established and unrestrained hardcore producer, as well as Andy The Core’s partner in crime and a loyal admirer of The Sickest Squad since an early age. It was just a matter of time for him, to release his first EP on Brutale.


  1. A-­Kriv & Michael Masci ­- Drumcore F.Y.
  2. A­-Kriv & Andy The Core -­ Who We Are
  3. A-­Kriv & Miss Enemy -­ Double Take
  4. A­-Kriv & eDUB ­- Negative